Takedown of bolt assembly

1. Continue disassembly by removing carrier pin stop screw (69), dropping hammer and drift out carrier pin (50). Remove cartridge guide stop screw (23), and entire carrier assembly may be lifted away from bottom of receiver.

2. Disengage breech bolt (40) from action slide hook (30) by unscrewing action slide hook screw (37). Breech bolt together with action slide hook may now be removed, breech bolt from rear of receiver and hook from side or bottom.


3. Remove 2 butt-plate screws (79) and buttplate (80). Using a long-shanked screwdriver, remove buttstock bolt (47) and buttstock washer (48). Then, with a flat-nosed punch, drift out trigger pin (24). Remove guard bow (44) and assembly from back end of receiver.

4. Reassemble Model 1897 in reverse order. When reassembling trigger (43) and trigger spring (46), use a piece of smooth nail (A) as a temporary trigger pin. Cut nail to width of guard bow (44) as shown. When this assembly is replaced in receiver and trigger pin re-inserted, it will drive out nail. This assembly knack will facilitate operation.



Exploded View and Parts List

Winchester '97 Barrel and Magazine Takedown


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