Takedown of barrel and magazine

1. Since assembly of the Model 1897 from field takedown is a more tricky than disassembly, sequence shown is for assembly. First, insure the breech bolt (40) is in battery and carrier (68) is fully up. This will align actuating groove on left side of carrier with corresponding notch on arm of action slide (17). Cutaway view shows action slide arm just prior to engaging the groove.

2. Next (A) turn barrel (1) and assembly 90 Deg. Left and insert into adjusting sleeve (6) in receiver (51).
Then (B), turn barrel assembly 90 Deg. downward. Interrupted screw threads will engage and tighten barrel assembly into receiver assembly.


3. Push in (A) on magazine plug (11) with magazine locking pin (12) in position shown. This will align threaded portion of magazine tube (18) with corresponding threads in lower half of receiver. Turn (B) the locking pin clockwise to engage threads.

4. Lock magazine assembly into receiver by pressing on the magazine locking pin as shown. Disassemble in reverse order.



Exploded View and Parts List

Winchester '97 Bolt Takedown


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