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Bar S Grips - Manufacturers and sellers of Tru Ivory, a great ivory substitute
 - Artful Grip, SASS #47832
Brownells, Inc.

Cas City - the town of Cowboy Action Shooting
CircleKB Leatherworks Co. - Makers of fine custom holsters and traditional cowboy gear

Cowboys, Guns and Accessories - Cowboys, Guns and Accessories- Makers of custom leather clothing & sellers of fine guns & acc.
Cowboy Camping Info. Camping information at and around Cowboy clubs

Dillon Precision Products Inc.

Doc Early's Reloading Pages
Hodgdon Powder Co.
Kesselrings Gun Shop
Marlin Firearms
Midway USA
The National Rifle Association
Off the Wall Gun Carts - "I make and sell the BEST Gun Cart on the market today"

Rattlesnake Jack's - Old West Clip Art Parlour, N.W. Rebellion Emporium and Rocky Mountain Ranger Patrol
Ruger Firearms

S.A.S.S. - Single Action Shooters Society
Sidekick Guncarts - Handcrafted and custom finished guncarts

Shoot Magazine  

Shooters' Online Services Inc.
Sidney L. Ryan Custom Engraving and Scrimshaw
Sunrider Sign Co. - Brandit's are customized signs usually showing the customer's alias, club affiliation and number. They are made out of high-performance, self-sticking vinyl with a life expectancy of 4-7 years or more OUTDOORS!  We design logo's as well. Our customers include: SASS, WASA, NCOWS. May we do yours?

Tru-Cast Bullets - manufacturer of  cast lead bullets from .32 to 45/70 caliber. My bullets currently all use hard lube, but I will be adding some with SPG lube in the next few weeks [posted 1/16/2005] (.44 200 gr, .45 200 & 250 gr, & 45/70 405gr; all RNFP). I ship up to 70# of bullets anywhere in the 50 states for $7.70 USPS Priority Mail. That would be NEXT DAY to Renton!
Uberti USA Inc.
Wild West Collectables - Boothill Bob Proprietor - Single action revolvers, lever action rifles and more....

Local Cowboy Shooting Facilities, and their Clubs
Black River Regulators, Olympia, WA
Cascade Rifle & Pistol Club Ravensdale, WA
Cascade Ghost Riders Ravensdale, WA
Custer Sportsmen's Club
Evergreen Sportsmans Club  
Kenmore Range
Marysville Rifle Club  
Mima Marauders, Olympia, WA
Oregon Old West Shooting Society located near Albany, Oregon

Paul Bunyan Rifle Club Puyallup, WA
Paulsbo Pisoleroes

Renton Fish and Gun Club
Snoqualmie Valley Rifle Club
Washington Arms Collectors


Bulletin Boards

The Frontier Spot

The Open Range

Firearm Images
Exploded views of firearms

U.S. Constitution
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution of the United States
The Bill of Rights
Amendments XI - XXVII

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