R.U.C.A.S. Long Range Rifle Event

Dates: Click here

Times: Sign In and Sight In 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Categories: (S.A.S.S. Long-Range Standard)

Lever Action, Pistol Caliber

Lever Action, Rifle Caliber

Single Shot

These are all shot by S.A.S.S. rules, lead bullets only, gas checks are allowed.

“Great War”- any rifle in it’s original configuration built/designed in 1918 or before, Iron sights only. 
(Includes Krags, Mausers, Savage 99, etc. Jacketed ammunition will be allowed in this category.)

We will have separate categories for smokeless and blackpowder cartridges. It will take three (3) competitors to make a category; otherwise you will shoot in the nearest competitive group, at the discretion of the Match Director.

Course of Fire:

10 Shots at 85 yards, standing

10 Shots at 135 yards, sitting or kneeling

10 Shots at 200 yards, freestyle (to include cross-sticks)

Cowboy (lead bullets) shot on steel dingers, with spotters in place.


$5.00 entry, additional rifles $1.00 each.

Costuming is optional. You may go naked if desired, but not recommended.


Jess Ducky

(Brian Howard) for information.


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